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Time for a Third Party

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It’s personal and it is no secret; Hillary Clinton is near the bottom of any prospective presidential nominee. I do not like her; I am not overly moved by her email scandals; Benghazi; her years as a Senator, or her time as the First Lady. She is a smart, articulate, skillful, and actually qualified candidate. Her character has never impressed me .

It is also no secret Donald Trump was never on any qualified radar I had for a POTUS candidate. Like, Ms. Clinton, my dislike of Mr. Trump is long. I never appreciated his use and abuse of such governmental programs including Bankruptcy for his casinos and the use of Imminent Domain where the government takes property of citizens and frequently for private ventures rather than purely governmental ones. I find Donald Trump to be out of step with the vast majority of our citizens and speak off the top of his mind apparently without considering the consequences (which is fine for you and me, but not for a POTUS). Speaking without thinking is a disease and one that works minimally at times, but those times are few and far between.

We are facing some of the worst of choices between the Democrats and the Republicans. Both are out of sync, out of ideas, and out of character. It is time to change the rules of the game and support the Libertarian ideals

The two leading candidates are essentially toxic for at least 33% of our Country. For another 33% both candidates are livable. And the final 33% actually desires their chosen candidate. Why the final 33% group likes their respective candidate remains a mystery to me, however, I do support freedom of choice even if I do not understand the selection.

With both major candidates receiving overall negative ratings north of 60% (Mr. Trump surpasses Mrs. Clinton in this realm), the country, and the world will be unhappy with our final selection unless we change the rules of the game. And, by changing the rules, we change the game itself.

qualesit, daniel morris, Gary Johnson, New Mexico, Massachusetts, LibertarianEnter a real choice. A real choice for a government that governs for the benefit of the people. A real choice of rational leadership. The Libertarian Party, once considered extreme should now be considered reasonable, rational, and timely. The candidates are Gary Johnson, former 2-term governor of New Mexico and Bill Weld, former governor of Massachusetts. Both were governors. Both have demonstrated their ability to lead from an executive office. Neither Mrs. Clinton or Mr. Trump have similar experience albeit both of their VP candidates do have such experience.

The Libertarians think a lot like I do. They believe in individual privacy and liberty. They believe in the individual. They believe that government has a role but a smaller role than Democrats and Republicans. They support States’ rights and choices. That people will be free to move about if there are better rules and regulation in another state then their current one, and that the Federal government is generally neither Effective nor Efficient.

Libertarians understand the need for a fully capable military and a foreign service that supports trade and our citizens in global commerce and living. Libertarians understand that there are no “solutions” to our major challenges although there are “tradeoffs”.

Libertarians are the neighbor you want living next door even if you don’t want to be one yourself.

We are facing some of the worst of choices between the Democrats and the Republicans. Both are out of sync, out of ideas, and out of character. It is time to change the rules of the game and support the Libertarian ideals.

I am supporting Gary Johnson and Bill Weld in November. I have already committed funds to support their campaign. I encourage you to consider changing the rules for the better. Your children and grandchildren will thank you.



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