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Not In a Battleground State


One advantage of living in Oregon is that Oregon is not a Battleground State. Maybe this is one reason so many people are moving here (it could be the clean living, green forests, Portland weirdness, or our overall growing technology hub), although I doubt it. 1

Dan-Morris-Qualesit_BlogSpot_OregonFor those living in a Battleground State, my sincere condolences as your life will be misery until Election Day, as the news media will saturate every delivery method possible (broadcast, electronic, and print). Your sporting events will no longer advertise beer, brats, and burgers in order to inundate you with nasty and narcissistic ads attempting to persuade that “the other candidate” will ruin our country and your way of life.

In recent years, when the I-4 corridor (Tampa Bay to Orlando) was in play, I had the misfortune of spending several weeks in the Tampa Bay Region. Nearly all of the commercials (both television and radio) were about persuading the people. As Election Day approached, the tone and language became meaner, nastier, and more distasteful. The SuperPacs’ ads were generally worse and more extreme than either the authorized political party ads or the direct candidate ads. I guess one of the disadvantages of Citizens United.

I am avoiding the Battleground States as much as possible. The West, excluding Nevada appears fairly calm. Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, New Hampshire, and Michigan seem to the Electoral College hotbeds of activity.

Both Secretary Clinton and Mr. Trump provide plenty of ammunition for their enemies to create a bloodshed environment. Adding the associated non-candidate groups and coalitions and the mayhem is already beginning. My advice if you live in one of these States is to pick up thick books like Tolstoy’s War and Peace, Dante’s Inferno, Michener’s The Source, etc. or download the complete seasons of any enjoyable long-playing television series, or finally take that solo hike along either the Appalachian or Pacific Crest Trails. Otherwise, grab some welding goggles to protect your vision from the sorcerer’s light and earplugs to protect your hearing, and strong meditation to protect your brain and soul.

Qualesit_Facebook2016_DM2Until we move away from extremes and begin to recruit genuinely nice and reasonable people that recognize that the world is neither binary nor simple and that there are likely never any true solutions and that we must survive with acceptable trade-offs, we have invited this continuing madness to continue.

Until next time, go enjoy your day.

  1. Photo: Ho John Lee via Flickr

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