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Dan Morris Solves Tough Problems

The challenges no other professionals can resolve or solve; Dan does it!

Dan Morris has the ability to see the world through his unique “Problem Solving” lens; he has the ability to interpret the world differently.

Dan Morris the Presenter

Dan Morris maintains his expertise to speak on several topics and he is often sought after by the media for his opinions on wide ranging topics including but not limited to:

  1. Finance: The sources and uses of money, its importance, safety and its ability to be used for benefit and vice
  2. Politics and Policy: From election advice and discussions to tax and finance policies
  3. Social Change: Current topics like the impact of posthumously creating children (pregnancy established after the death of one or both parents)
  4. Customer Service: its improvements and shortfalls; to pricing of services and products;
  5. Business Survival: learn to evolve from current status to what they Dream About in the future
  6. Ethics: Understanding what motivates people to make decisions
  7. Any Tax Topic: from Capital Gains to Offshore Advisory; professional Service-Firm Management and Pricing

Dan Morris in the Media

Dan Morris, Qualesit, cpa dudes,Dan has been interviewed by local and national media including the Wall Street Journal, the NYT, Fox, ABC, and CBS regional affiliates, NPR, all of the major California daily newspapers, and many many others. He has authored articles published in local, regional, national, and international publications. He has presented in over 20 states, and several countries on a wide ranging series of topics.

He is an advisor to lawyers, accountants, business owners, regulators, and elected politicians. As an active member of the start-up community, Dan serves as the continuing Chair for the California CPA Sponsored Start-up Conference where entrepreneurs, venture capital, angles, and support professionals gather to explore and exchange ideas relating to establishing and succeeding in the start-up world.

By combining innate curiosity, a love of knowledge, and an ability to connect with diverse strangers that become friends and colleagues, and just a little good fortune.


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